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Institut Konfucije u Beogradu poziva učenike osnovnih i srednjih škola da učestvuju na konkursu “Naša lepa planeta”

The “Beautiful Planet” Program for Chinese and Foreign Language Partners is Calling for Entries

Hello, friends. The call for creative works on “The Beautiful Planet” has begun! Looking forward to your active participation!


  • What is the program for?

The program invites primary and secondary school students in China and abroad to create videos or posters showcasing our beautiful planet, with the aim of raising people’s awareness of the importance of building a common homeland for all mankind!


  • Who can participate?

1)This event is for primary and secondary school students around the world;
2)Chinese and foreign primary and secondary school students are encouraged to make language partners and participate in cooperation;

Minors are supposed to participate with the consent of their guardians.


  • When will you submit your work?

February 13 to March 10, 2023.


  • What kind of works will you produce?

Please display the place where you live, a place in China you have been to, or a place you like by making posters or micro-videos. You can show the beautiful natural scenery there, such as mountains, rivers, wetlands, etc. ; rich and diverse creatures, like local animals, plants, etc.; cultural landscapes, like historical sites, artistic buildings, etc.; and other related content that can reflect our beautiful planet and the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.


  • What language will you use to introduce your works?

1)If you are a foreign student, please introduce your works in Chinese.
2)If you are a Chinese student, please make the introduction in a foreign language.
3)If you are Chinese-foreign language partners, you can choose:

① the national language of each other;

② Chinese;

③ a foreign language.


  • What are the requirements for the format of your works?

1)Poster: The poster should be made on a piece of A3 paper (42*29.7 cm), scanned in color in PDF format, and the file size is 2MB to 5MB. Please describe each of your works in 30 to 50 words, including the theme of your work, name of the author, instructor (if any), school, country, etc.;
2)Micro-video: The video should be submitted in the format of MP4 HD1920×1080 (resolution ratio), with a duration of 1to 3 minutes. Chinese and foreign subtitles are recommended. Please take shots with a mobile phone or other professional equipment in landscape mode. If you use a mobile phone to shoot, it is recommended to use professional auxiliary equipment such as a tripod and a stabilizer to ensure the video quality;
3)Try to avoid maps, national flags, or third-party LOGOs or markings.


  • How to submit the entry?

1)Please send your works to before March 10, 2023.
2)Submission email should be titled with “Beautiful Planet + School + Student Name + Advisor Name (if any)” in Chinese and English.


  • What rewards will you receive?

Best Language Partner, Best Foreign Language Award, Best Work Award, Best Internet Popularity Award:“YCT Standard Course Levels 1-3 MOOC Gift Pack” on the Chinese Plus platform and an award certificate, or a cultural-and-creative award plus an award certificate.

Excellent Instructor:“MOOC Gift Pack for International Chinese Teachers’ Skills Improvement” on the Chinese Plus platform and an award certificate, or a cultural-and-creative award plus an award certificate.

School of Excellence in Organization:An award certificate.

All participating students and schools will be issued electronic certificates.



Description of related rightsand interests

  1. Contributors must own the copyright for the submitted videos and posters;
  2.  The legal responsibilities related to the rights of reputation, copyright, and portrait rights involved in the video and posters are all borne by the contributors themselves, and the contributors declare that the works do not infringe third-party copyrights and/or other related legal rights;
  3.  Contributors agree to the sponsor’s secondary editing of their works;
  4. The sponsor has the right to reuse the video works for publication, presentation, exhibition, demonstration and other publicity purposes without paying additional remuneration.


If you have questions, please contact us.

Contact: Ms. Wang

Tel: 010-59307553


Contact: Ms. Sheng

Tel: 010-59307560



Sponsor: Center for Language Education and Cooperation Organizer: Chinese Plus― Continental Han Feng Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.





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