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2019 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp in Beijing and Henan

“Chinese Bridge”Summer Camp for Youths of the Belt and Road Initiative partner countries Program

  1. Mission statement

To promote exchanges between the youth of China and “the Belt and Road”Initiative partner countries, and enhance the understanding of the youth from “the Belt and Road”Initiative partner countries of Chinese language and culture , thus to stimulate their enthusiasm for Chinese learning.

Confucius Institute Headquarters will invite 50 university students from “the Belt and Road”Initiative partner countries to attend 2019 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp .

  1. Host city/province

Beijing and Henan

  1. Theme

Experience Chinese Martial Arts –Taiji.

  1. Arrangement of activities

Daily itinerary and curricula will be developed by Beijing Language and Culture University and Henan Provincial Department of Education. They will assist CI Headquarters/Hanban to deal with the local logistics, safety and management. The general arrangements are as follows,

  • Activities
  1. A) Orientation (approximately 2 periods)
  2. B) Chinese language and Culture courses (60%, approximately 40periods, 4 hours/day)

The students will be divided into several classes according to their Chinese language level, with no more than 15 students in each class. Professional teachers will be assigned to each class, so as to ensure language learning outcomes.

Compulsive culture course is Tai Ji, while selective culture courses are paper cutting, calligraphy, brush painting, Wei qi (go chess), Chinese knot, clay figurine, facial makeup, kite, Chinese tea ceremony, embroidery, and culture lectures etc.

  1. Sports and cultural activities (20%,approximately 15 periods)

Various sports and cultural activities, such as visit to universities in China, meeting and communication with Chinese students; host family experiences; sports friendly match including basketball, football matches.

  1. Cultural experiencing activities. (20%, approximately 15 periods)

Experiencing various points of interest of China’s long history and viewing sights of natural beauty.

  1. Closing ceremony

Tai Ji performance at the closing ceremony.

  • Logistics, safety and management
  • Full-timebilingual staffs are responsible for the coordination of activities.
  • Safe and hygienic accommodations, with telephone, air-conditioning,, bathroom shower, shared laundry facility, and public sitting area.
  • First aid kits in accommodation area and vehicles, clinics in host schools, and hospitals for foreigners in host cities..
  • Free computer rooms/Wi-Fi, for students to contact the families. .
  • Various in-doors and out-doors sports facilities, such as swimming pool, basketball court, football court etc..
  • Hygienic and varied catering, including vegetarian and halal food..
  • Well-conditioned vehicles with air conditioning


  1. General Itinerary in China
Date Time Activities
Aug. 2,2019 All day Arrival in Beijing, check in at the hotel, and rest
Aug. 3,2019 morning Opening ceremony
Afternoon Visit to Hanban
Aug. 4,2019 All day Sightseeing in Beijing
Aug. 5,2019 morning Sightseeing in Beijing
Afternoon Seminar with foreign students of Beijing Language and Culture University
Aug. 6,2019 All day Chinese language courses
Aug. 7,2019 morning high speed train to Henan province
Afternoon Rest
Aug.8,2019  to        Aug. 14,2019 All day Immersed Tai ji courses in Henan province
Aug. 15,2019 morning Prepare for performance
Afternoon Closing ceremony–Tai Ji performance
Aug. 16,2019 All day Departure from Beijing.
  1. Qualifications

Applicants need to meet the following requirements:

  • Home country citizenship or permanent residence status
  • Registered students of Confucius Institute/Undergraduates, Postgraduates, PH.D students currently enrolled in credited public/private higher education institutions
  • Age 18—35
  • With Chinese language learning experience and basic Chinese speaking skills.
  • With excellent academic record, and be interested in Chinese language and culture, with Taiji learning experience.
  • Physically capable of international traveling.
  1. Recruiters

Each Confucius Institutes at “the Belt and Road” Initiative partner countries can recommend at most 2-3 students. The Confucius Institutes perform the following duties:

  • Organize students to book international air tickets (entry /departure from Beijing) and to process China Visa.
  • Organize pre-departure training.
  • Undertake and facilitate the contact between the Confucius Institute Headquarters and students and their families, in case of emergency.
  • After the summer camp, collect the feedbacks towards the program from attended students. Submit to CI Headquarters a summary report and recommendations of improvement.
  1. Application and selection procedure
  • Applicants submit their application forms (Annex 1), and Tai ji practice/performance video (3—5 minutes) to local Confucius Institute before the deadline on May 20, 2019.
  • Local Confucius Institute conducts preliminary selection, identifies qualified candidates, and submits a candidate list (Annex 2) to Confucius Institute Head quarters prior to May 24, 2019.
  • The Confucius Institute Head quarters will inform local Confucius Institutes with the final selection results by May 31, 2019. Each local Confucius Institute will then sign Disclaimer Agreement and codes of conduct with the students and their parents.
  1. Cost

International round trip tickets and international travel insurance will be shouldered by the campers. Confucius Institute Headquarters covers the cost of accommodation, transportation, group activities and sightseeing in China.






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