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Bilingual Translators Wanted

Bilingual Translators Wanted

Our company① decides to invite three bilingual translators to work for us②. She (or He) must be bilingual in Chinese and Serbian Language. Competitive salary and good benefits package, are offered to 20-35 years old young people with excellent Language skills, the ability to communicate, an outgoing personality and strong sense of responsibility.

If you are interested, please call Mr. Ken Zhang at 0611653631 for an interview. Payment for the service will be discussed during the interview.

*①China railway international co., ltd. was officially established on December 30, 2014.We are committed to building a platform at the enterprise level for cooperation and exchange with countries, especially railway counterparts, so as to create better conditions for the development of such cooperation.
②The Hungary-Serbia Railway is located in the central and eastern Europe, within Hungary and the Republic of Serbia, of which 166 km is within Hungary and 184 km is within Serbia. Now we are working in Belgrade Center-Stara Pazova Section.


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